someone draw me punk!frazel i give u eternal love

Anonymous SAID:
I have really dark brown hair, I'm kinda tall, I'm pale (like really pale. my skin is practically white), I have dark blue eyes (they kinda look like the bottom of a lake). I read (a lot) I play guitar and write songs/poetry/short stories/pretty much everything. I'm pretty antisocial and my personality type is INFP if that helps idk. I can't really figure out who my godly parent would be though because I don't really have any good skills and I don't look like any of the gods...

You just said you play guitar, write songs, poetry and short stories and all I thought was: Apollo! You seem very talented!! You are totally Apollo IMO :D


more bianca with an undercut because i am weak

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post a selfie?

if you really want to see it, check my instagram then!! :))


ive been livetweeting my pjo reread so i haven’t been posting much abt it here but please god look at this. hades, a millennia-old deity, covering his ears as his small gay italian son flaps his arms around and yells at him


Your blog has officially been signed by the infamous Seaweed Brain.

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do i need to be traditionally pretty to be a daughter of aphrodite?

I don’t know what traditionally pretty would mean, because everyone’s got their own opinion of what’s pretty what’s not, but I can tell you I’m not at all “pretty” and yet I’m a daughter of Aphrodite! :)


this book is a beauty.

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I feel like most people only ever draw the hoo girls with one body type, which is thin. I was wondering if you could try drawing them with different body types. Like muscular or curvy or something? Thanks!


have some sketches?


"Ah, daughter of Pluto, your magic will help you cheat in this contest. But you cannot cheat destiny. One of you will die. One of you must die.”

~ Blood of Olympus