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Guy, I’m going to my personal blog right now because i need to change my theme and I think I won’t be able to come to tumblr tomorrow because it’s the day of my tonsilitis surgery :x (wish me luck by the way) but i did queue some posts! :D 

i’ll miss being here for a day omg. those last days have been really fun to stay on the fandom. also i was planning to post some graphics i did today but i’ll have to do this on friday. Anyway, stay classy, i love you all *kisses everyone’s cheeks*

i’m not saying anything but dylan schmid could totally be a nico di angelo growing up slowly

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annabethchasy replied to your post: why do people always fancast white, bl…

*clears throat* lupita nyong’o as Aphrodite. thats all

lupita is an actual goddess


a warm, cozy, girls-only sleepover in annabeth’s blanket fort :)


a warm, cozy, girls-only sleepover in annabeth’s blanket fort :)

why reduce her to one person? i mean, you basically see what you want to see, right? i want to see more fancasts that just have like a dozen lovely ladies as aphrodite

actually i am trying to do a graphic like this right now! i put her in every kind of beauty i could find, every type of women. but if you look well, people are ALWAYS fancasting her with some blonde haired girl with blue or green eyes… or scarlett johansonn. 

why do people always fancast white, blonde haired and light eyed women as aphrodite? I mean… Aphrodite represents all kind of beauty

  • So, how many of you have seen the cover photo of BoO?
  • Anyway, I have this theory.
  • In one tumblr post (I would've given you the link but I don't have it) someone told that what if it happens like in Titan's Curse?
  • You know how in Titan's Curse five went and three came back? Because the number of people in a quest is three?
  • So, what if the same thing happen in Blood of Olympus?
  • Leo, Percy, Annabeth and Piper dies.
  • And Jason, Frank and Hazel are the only ones left fighting till the end?
  • Sorry for breaking your heart.
  • me, tumblr user anti-leyna: why did you put this in chat form that's so messy

i am crying i have the best friends and followers i could ever ask for bYE


percy jackson is gay

percy gayson of poseidon